A FlightRisk could take off at any moment. They are unpredictable, to be watched closely.

FlightRisk is a groundbreaking company, making dynamic performance for an adventurous audience. FlightRisk examines modern life through a kaleidoscope of diverse art forms to make arresting and accessible work which challenges us to critically reenact on the world we live in.

We care about creating an unforgettable audience experience, and welcoming everybody to share it. We aim to be a gateway drug to physical performance for people who are afraid to try it, to bring wider audiences into the theatre to see more challenging and unconventional work by crafting shows which capture the imagination and resonate emotionally across age, gender, class and nationality.

We aim to engage people in conversations about the world we share, by cutting to the human core of stories and social phenomena to and something we can all understand.

To offer outstanding outreach and engagement opportunities; empowering audiences, communities and the next generation of makers and performers to take part.

To provide artist development opportunities for students and professionals in fun, inventive classes and workshops based on FlightRisk’s exciting creative style and methodology.

Artistic Director: Madeline Shann

Role Responsibilities:

- Produce the Autumn 2018 tour of 'Sex in Real Life'

- Providing efficient communications with our production partners

- Managing online presence and delivering marketing strategies

- Company management and developing strategic planning initiatives