Consultancy / Peer-to-Peer Support

Throughout my career, the opportunities for professional development proved invaluable. My mentors and collaborators have contributed to my development in one-to-one and group contexts. Throughout each stage of my career, I have been asked to speak at panel discussions and give consultancy sessions to emerging artists and producers. I like to offer something different to consultancy, and call it peer-to-peer support. This is because I offer a service that is supportive to the development of emerging creatives, in a process that allows me to learn and develop too. 

I offer an opportunity to craft plans to develop careers or projects. The aim of the sessions is to foster more relationships with fresh creative work and artists; to encourage the next generation of makers to keep creating new work. I believe that every project is achievable and I want to aid people to reach their ambitions and full potential. Whatever you need, I can accommodate any time necessary to the process.

I start sessions over an introductory coffee and begin the conversations from there. Please get in touch if you are interested in the idea of peer-to-peer support and consultancy - I would love to tell you more about it.