Anatomy Arts

Marketing & Production Officer

Funded by Creative Scotland, ANATOMY is a quarterly live art cabaret based in Edinburgh's Summerhall and occasionally venturing elsewhere. We bring many different sorts of art forms and many different sorts of artists together for events to surprise, shock and delight. 

Anatomy celebrates the popular and the weird, the joyous and the disturbing, the comforting and the bizarre. We believe strongly that experimental performance can (and should!) delight its audiences even as it unsettles, confuses, terrifies or otherwise changes them. We will always give audiences a good night out, as we will always make sure they have seen something utterly new. We want artists to propose projects they have not done before, in ways they have not tried before. We want artists and audiences to do dangerous experiments. We are no scared of programming something one audience member does not like, as long as five minutes later they see something they can absolutely adore. Our twin inspirations are the Victorian music hall and the underground performance art club night.

Anatomy wants everyone to have a good time.

Role Responsibilities:

- Create and implement a marketing and social media strategy

- Build audience databases and expand audience potentials

- Production support during the quarterly cabarets and one-off events

- Build connections with the arts industry and press